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Tour of Studio & Dinner rituals

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

What inspired us to start in a studio? And not only a studio, but a studio in Palm Beach. In a serendipitous event that led us not only to live in a tiny space but to do it for four years. A romance and mixing of values in a home with, literally, no walls and a bathroom with no door and flourish both our lives in so many ways we had to write a book about it. Fair warning we really didn't tidy up but we did want to show you a day and night in our small nest.

Here is a tour of our master suite, master home, the home studio. In this segment, we show you our dinner night. You will see how we use my former bar turned into our dining room table/library/resource drawer/night table by the bed all-purpose living tool (More in the book about it in Chapter 21). You will get a glimpse of our daily rituals in our nest by sea. Our book is publishing soon, hopefully, this November 2020, if you're watching this after that date, go and get it on Amazon.

The book is called: Bless the Nest, 33 Tiny Studio Tips for Living a Striving, Loving Relationship.

You can also check out our Store with recipe items and small space items from Amazon you can order at

You can find the full recipe at in the recipe section.

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