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Morning Rituals in the Nest

Bless the Nest is based on our book we finished living in our studio by the sea, Palm Beach sea! Here are some inside looks of waking up in the morning and showing you some of our rituals. I go out during the week for my morning walks at 6:30 am, a meditation on the beach, and an audiobook on my walk back.

When I get back I wake up Ashley and I make our coffees and prepare our vitamins with a drink with freshly squeezed lemon and water with a dash of salt.

Once a week will make our shakes and this one contains celery, spinach, half a beet, a full orange, a green apple, maca powder, cacao powder, fish oil, a dash of organic salt, and turmeric. Blended all together with some almond milk, a cup of water, and a couple cubes of ice.

Our book is publishing soon, hopefully, this November 2020, if you're watching this after that date, go and get it on Amazon.

The book is called: Bless the Nest, 33 Tiny Studio Tips for Living a Striving, Loving Relationship.

You can also check out our Store with recipe items and small space items from Amazon you can order at

You can find the full recipe at in the recipe section.

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