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Stories from other Blessed Nests

"Wherever you go, there you are." So we embrace these moments of change. If you're in your humble beginnings or, like us, starting over in a different city and it happens to be in a studio, embrace it and love it. As we launch our story we are sure there are many others with nest adventures similar to ours and we would love to share them with your full permission. 


Send us your very own, "Blessed The Nest Story" with your inspiring humble beginnings and portrayals of striving minimalistic couples living their best life. Send us a word document and up to 3 family-friendly photos only. (Please no more than 3 photos maximum and try to keep the word document no more than 2 pages long maximum). We will review them and put up the ones most aligned with our mission and vision in posting positive, heart-felt outcomes depicting relationships growing stronger and flourishing. We are looking for nests that truly showcase authentic lifestyle ideas that represent optimal growth and inspire others. The nest tribe wishes to grow, show us what you have built! 

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