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Read more in our book on "Who needs an expensive gym membership?"  in Chapter 26!

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You want a copy of our

outdoor workouts >

We have over 16 to 24 Workouts that require no equipment. A stopwatch or your smartphone timer for Tabata or HIIT workouts (although it's better to go without your phone). Hand drawings so we don't forget the movements. 


We would do warm ups in our gym with jump ropes and we found these weighted jump ropes by Crossrope and we're in love. Ashley freaked when I said I got us $200 (total for both) Jump ropes but she's hooked. Amazing app with amazing workouts. Try it out.  

Since Corona COVID-19 times the gyms are not open or were just not sure yet. Jeff from Athlean X has a program called Xero, no weights, and the workouts are insanely good. We combine both Crossrope and Athlean X and its a killer workout. 

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