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Workouts to Download

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We talked a lot in our book, Bless the Nest about our workouts outside. We wanted to share these pocket-sized workouts with you. You'll see instructions on how the workouts work when you download the PDF. More workouts will be added at a later time.


The problem is when you're using your smartphone, and we do workouts with it often too, but we get distracted and we are always connected to the world wide web. It's healthy at least a couple of days a week to disconnect from technology and just have a distraction-free workout with your partner.

So we made these pocket-sized workouts. Get a simple stopwatch or count to 20 seconds in your head, rest 10 seconds, and then proceed to the next workout. Watch the video (should be posted soon) and learn how we use our technology-free workouts. A simple stopwatch will do the trick or use your smartphone's timer but put on silence (highly recommend the stopwatch).

Mostly Tabata workouts, which are 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off. Once you finish the first set rest for one minute. Follow the instructions on the PDF and enjoy it.

Bless the Sweat

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 If you like what you see, help us today by donating to keep the workout tips coming. These workouts take some time to test, do the layouts, and organize them to share. More are coming soon.

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