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Lobster Dinner Night Recipe

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Fresh Lobster swimming hours before in the Florida Keys

Coming back from a Key West getaway, driving down the stretch of the Florida Keys, we saw a sign written in marker that said, "Fresh Lobster by the pound" on a cardboard box, so naturally we had to stop. The lobsters were just caught off the coast of Islamorada and selling for $11 a pound. A little pricey because there was a Chinese New Year, and they were buying up all the supply of the Keys lobster. We picked out 3 of them and had one of his boat mates to help us put them down (go bye-bye) clean them up and get them ready for the grill.

They gave us tips on broiling it first to open it from the shell and then put it on the grill. Another guy told us to cut it down the middle with scissors and apply two snips off the side and flip the meat inside out. We went with that option, and in our video, you will see the details on how we did that. Side note, it wasn't that easy, and only one flipped inside-out so its trial and error for sure.

Instructions: (Watch the video for how we did this process and give it a heart)

  • Fresh lobster bought off the side of the road in the Florida keys, preferably. (Store-bought is just as good I guess)

  • Cut a slice down the middle with scissors or a sharp knife and two smaller snipes at the end (in the video you'll see how we did it)

  • Flip them upside down on the grill, meat side down, for 5 mins on medium-high heat.

  • Then, flip them back over and we applied a 1/4 inch of butter and chopped garlic on top of each one and we left them on the grill for another 5 minutes.

  • We served our lobsters with asparagus and corn which Ashley prepared.

  • Serve and with your fork poke the meat pull upwards and the whole lobster should come right off the shell.

  • Melt some butter on the side and dip to your liking and enjoy with a nice beverage or wine of your choice.

Enjoy your lobster dinner date night, we sure did in the Florida Keys.

Bless your dinner and till the next one.

Enjoy the video and give a heart will ya...

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