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We knew right away

Updated: May 12, 2020

Martin and I have been together for almost five years now, and he’s been a God sent blessing in my life. It’s funny how life works, when you start taking care of yourself and being your best version of you, someone comes along to add value to your life. That’s exactly how our love story began and lives, and we’ve been partners in this journey of life ever since. Be with the person that aligns with you in your values, makes you grow, and most importantly makes you laugh! From bike rides to kickboxing classes together, we’re a team in uplifting one another. When you truly know yourself, practice self-care and self-respect, you can whole heartily love another. Take time for that, because the gift of a life partner and spouse is very much worth the wait.

This is a fun night we had on a bike ride in Palm Beach on a tandem bike! Just like in life, we have to trust one another to keep the wheels moving and the path rolling. Partnership is about communication, trust and respect and it' also about having fun with one another! Exploring places, travel and cooking together are just a few of the ingredients for a healthy and happy relationship, so jump on the ride and enjoy your partner and life.

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